Baskets Full of Yarn

I hope you don’t mind but I’d REALLY like for this Crochet A Long to be more of a surprise! Below are baskets full of yarn in the colors I’m planning to use. As I finish crocheting my square I will replace the basket with the finished square, post the written coded pattern,  and the graph. I’ve also attached a PDF of the document for you to download.  My Basket Full of Yarn My Basket Full of Yarn

Please note… I use lots of colors and there will be TONS of color changing involved.  I made a video a while back on color changing that might help.

The colors that are listed at the top of each group with an * will be background colors.

Like I mentioned in the blog I’m still working out these colors so I MIGHT change one two colors along the way.

The first square that will be posted will be the one on the bottom left hand corner. That square is completed and that is the CORRECT list.

The square I am currently working on is the center square.

***Feel free to share the link to this post or the watermarked photos. Do not copy or post any part of this post anywhere else in part or whole.   Please remember that Dr. Seuss characters are  copyright protected and you may not sell them. No mass productions or farming out labor. ***

Pattern Instructions

I’ve been working on my Dr. Seuss inspired blanket for a few months now. I’ve even crocheted a few squares already, but I will have to crochet them again because I changed the size of the graphs.

I kept holding back on starting this Crochet A Long because I was trying to figure out how to make my computer create a pattern for me to share with you.

The pattern I was able to come up with isn’t perfect, but it is better than counting ALL THOSE SQUARES!

You will need to decode the pattern that I will share with you. I will include a legend for you to follow.

Each letter will represent a block and a color. You will read one row from left to right. And the next you will read from right to left.

In a graph:                                                                In my pattern:

Odd rows are read from bottom to top                   Left to Right

Even rows are read from top to bottom                   Right to Left

For example:

Line 47 ******xfsggxx* –>

6 green 1 pumpkin 1 yellow 2 mango 2 pumpkin 1 green

Line 48 ******sxxss**    <–

2 green 2 yellow 2 pumpkin 1 yellow 6 green

Line 49 *******s**** –>

7 green 1 yellow 4 green

Dr. Suess Crochet-A-Long

Well, I FINALLY have all the characters ready for my Dr. Seuss C2C blanket! I’m super excited about how this is coming out and I’d like to invite you to crochet these characters with me. I have designed 9 different squares. I will be posting each crocheted square, the graph and a written pattern as I finish crocheting each character. The first one will hopefully be completed and posted on January 1st!

If you are interest in crocheting with me, please join the private group I created for this purpose –

I will use mostly Caron Simply Soft along with Red Heart Soft yarn. I’m posting this now because I just received the specials from and noticed they will be having a really great sale on Caron Simply Soft yarn. If you want to join me in making this blanket you might want to take advantage of the sale that will be going on this week! I’ve created a list and marked with a red square some of the colors I will be using.  Joanns