Pattern Instructions

I’ve been working on my Dr. Seuss inspired blanket for a few months now. I’ve even crocheted a few squares already, but I will have to crochet them again because I changed the size of the graphs.

I kept holding back on starting this Crochet A Long because I was trying to figure out how to make my computer create a pattern for me to share with you.

The pattern I was able to come up with isn’t perfect, but it is better than counting ALL THOSE SQUARES!

You will need to decode the pattern that I will share with you. I will include a legend for you to follow.

Each letter will represent a block and a color. You will read one row from left to right. And the next you will read from right to left.

In a graph:                                                                In my pattern:

Odd rows are read from bottom to top                   Left to Right

Even rows are read from top to bottom                   Right to Left

For example:

Line 47 ******xfsggxx* –>

6 green 1 pumpkin 1 yellow 2 mango 2 pumpkin 1 green

Line 48 ******sxxss**    <–

2 green 2 yellow 2 pumpkin 1 yellow 6 green

Line 49 *******s**** –>

7 green 1 yellow 4 green

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