Square #2: Mr. Brown

2016-01-15 12.55.56“Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?” is another one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books. It’s so adorable to hear Sebastian repeat the sounds in his baby voice. And I love hearing the occasional  “SPLAT!!!” or “COCK A DOODLE DOO!!!” come from the back of my seat as we are driving.

Seeing my son learn new things and experience them for the first times makes me realized that I too was a child learning from my parents and it makes me appreciate them even more.

I know many of you have been anxiously waiting for this pattern for a while and if you thought The Lorax had tons of color changing you wait til you start working on this one.

I hope you will join https://www.facebook.com/groups/478563402305870/ and share your version of this little guy. I can’t wait to see your creations!Mr. Brown

The Graph for Mr. Brown is 31×30 squares. I made mine in a HDC stitch using an I hook.

The colors I used are:

Caron Simply Soft: *= Iris,    n= White,    l= Black,    m= Chocolate,         w= Taupe,    v= Bone, o= Mint Blue,    q= Ocean,    b=Persimmon

Bernat Satin: g= Taupe Heather

As previously mentioned… The written pattern will need to be decoded. Each character represents a block and a color. Odd rows are read from Left to Right and Even rows are read from Right to Left on the pattern. Please decode your pattern before you start crocheting so that you have an accurate pattern.

***Feel free to share the link to this post or the watermarked photos. Do not copy or post any part of this post anywhere else in part or whole.   Please remember that Dr. Seuss characters are  copyright protected and you may not sell them. No mass productions or farming out labor. ***

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