Square #4: Thing Two

You CAN NOT have a Dr Seuss Blanket with Thing One and not include Thing Two as well. Both of these THINGS have been a pain to complete! Not only have there been tons of color changes but also soo many ends to weave in and tons of blocks to join! In the end the end they really have been worth it! I couldn’t be happier with my two mischievous Things!


After ALL the work Thing One needed I thought about changing the white yarn from Caron to Red Heart Soft but I was able to add an extra hdc to each white block. So instead of 3 hdc per white block I made 4 hdc of each white block. I loved the results and best of all I didn’t have to buy extra yarn.

One of the reasons these are taking longer to post is that I only crochet for about an hour a day during my lunch breaks. These two have taken me longer to crochet because of all the color changes.

When I crocheted the hair on Thing Two I used three strands of yarn: two in the Country Blue and one in the Mint Blue on each side of the face. There were also a lot of REALLY LONG ends to weave in and blocks that needed to be joined to make the picture come together.

I usually keep my bobbins in order by using a hanger to hold them but after all the trouble Thing One gave me, I decided to carry around the yarn holder my brother in law gave me as a Christmas gift and I love it. Its sooo much faster for me to have this hold the bobbins rather than the hanger I’ve been using so far.

If you do decide to crochet them I hope you will join the Crochet-A-Long group on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/478563402305870/ and share your version of this little guy. I can’t wait to see your creations!

The Graph for Thing Two is 31×30 squares. I made mine in a HDC stitch using an I hook.

Thing 2

The colors I used for this square are all Caron Simply Soft: *=Lemonade   o=Mint Blue   q= Country Blue   n= White   p=Soft Grey Heather   l= Black    d= Red   e= Autumn Red   @= Charcoal Heather

As previously mentioned… The Pattern will need to be decoded. Each character represents a block and a color. Odd rows are read from Left to Right and Even rows are read from Right to Left on the pattern. Please decode your pattern before you start crocheting so that you have an accurate pattern.

All of the patterns in this Crochet-A-Long have TONS of color changes. Take your time when you are making them and refer to your graph as often as possible so that you know you are not making mistakes.  If the crocheted piece you are working on does not look like the area of the graph you are in it is possible you may have missed something…

***Feel free to share the link to this post or the watermarked photos. Do not copy or post any part of this post anywhere else in part or whole.   Please remember that Dr. Seuss characters are copyright protected and you may not sell them. No mass productions or farming out labor. ***


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