Square #7: I am Sam

2016-03-29 13.01.00_wmHere is the next square in the Dr. Seuss Crochet a Long!!  I am completely in LOVE with the finished results!!!

There was a bit of work that needed to be done in order to connect the squares that were separated while crocheting him but it was well worth the extra time.

I’m really excited to see how these are turning out and can’t wait to start on the next one!

As I  mentioned before the white yarn from Caron Simply Soft is a bit thin and adding the extra hdc to each block really evened out my finished square!

FYI: The smaller square in the picture below is how I originally designed Sam… When I changed the size of the squares I was able to add a few more details to him. The red in that square is Harvest red from Caron Simply Soft and it is COMPLETELY  BEAUTIFUL. I decided not to use it this time because the color bled A LOT when I washed it and even thought it didn’t stain the white in that square I decided not to use it! Just in case.

If you decide to crochet these I hope you will join the Crochet-A-Long group on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/478563402305870/ and share your version of this little guy. I can’t wait to see your creations!


The Graph for Sam is 31×30 squares. I made mine in a HDC stitch using an I hook.

The colors I used for this square are Caron Simply Soft: N= White   L= Black   P= Soft Grey Heather   *= Red

As previously mentioned… The  will pattern need to be decoded. Each character represents a block and a color. Odd rows are read from Left to Right and Even rows are read from Right to Left on the pattern. Please decode your pattern before you start crocheting so that you have an accurate pattern.

All the patterns in this Crochet-A-Long have TONS of color changes. Take your time when you are making them and refer to your graph as often as possible so that you know you are not making mistakes.  If the crocheted piece you are working on does not look like the area of the graph you are in it is possible you may have missed something…2016-03-29 13.05.28

***Feel free to share the link to this post or the watermarked photos. Do not copy or post any part of this post including the PDF patterns anywhere else in part or whole.   Please remember that Dr. Seuss characters are copyright protected and you may not sell them. No mass productions or farming out labor. ***

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