Dr. Seuss Crochet Characters – Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz

I’d like to thank Cris Humphres-Bayse for the AMAZING squares she has created and shared in the group files.

I was lucky enough to have her show me the new character she was working on and I completely fell in love with it! I had been trying to create that same character myself but I couldn’t  quite get the dimensions down for the ZIZZER ZAZZER ZUZZ.


I asked if I could play around with her design and came up with the one you see before you.

With her permission I am posting it here! I can’t wait to start working on this one myself!

The colors she used are all Caron Simply Soft: Soft Pink: hand, tongue and body, fushia and watermelon: hair


I hope you will join https://www.facebook.com/groups/478563402305870/ and share your version of this little guy. I can’t wait to see your creations!


Square #1: The Lorax

I started reading Dr. Seuss again when my son was a few months months old. I’ve bought most of the Dr. Seuss books in apps and have fallen in love with them all over again. The Lorax is one of my favorite Dr. Seuss characters.

When I was trying to create this little guy, he kept coming out looking like a bald bearded old man… Which was NOT what I wanted. I kept coming back to him time and time again because I REALLY wanted to crochet him. After tons of hard work and trying to figure out a bunch of things on excel. I am super happy with how he has come out and I hope you like him too!

I’m very very very excited to share the first of nine characters with you and really looking forward to seeing personal touches you decide to add to them.

I hope you will join https://www.facebook.com/groups/478563402305870/ and share your version of this little guy. I can’t wait to see your creations!1st squareThe Lorax graph is 31×30 squares. I made mine in C2C with the HDC stitch using an I hook.

As previously mentioned… The written pattern will need to be decoded. Each character represents a block and a color. The arrows are the direction in which the pattern is to be read. For example:

  • Odds are read Left to Right: 5 is  1 Dark Orange and 4 Greens.
  • Evens are read Right to Left: 6 is 4 Green 1 Dark Orange  1 Bright Orange

*=Guacamole           f=Sunshine          n=White       g=Mango         n=White         x=Pumpkin       s=Super Duper Yellow                 q=Royal Blue (red heart)     r=Royal Blue (caron)

  1. *
  2. **     <—
  3. ***
  4. ****     <—
  5. x****
  6. gx****     <—
  7. ggxxxx*
  8. gggxggx*     <—
  9. ggggxggx*
  10. gggggxggx*     <—
  11. ggxxxgxxgx*
  12. ggxxxggxggx*     <—
  13. gxxxggggxgg**
  14. ggxxgggggggx**     <—
  15. gggggggggggg***
  16. gggggggxxxfsx***     <—
  17. gggggggxxgfxxf***
  18. gggggxxxxggfsfx***     <—
  19. gggggggggxxfxxff***
  20. gggggggggxsxfsfxf***     <—
  21. gxggggggggfxfffsf****
  22. ggxggggggxxsffsffxf***     <—
  23. ggxggggggggfxfsfsfs****
  24. ggxxgxgggggxsfsfffss****     <—
  25. ggxxgggggggxsffffsfx*****
  26. gggxggxggggxfffsfsfsx*****     <—
  27. xggxggggggggfsfsfsffg******
  28. *xggxggxgggxxfffffffsx******     <—
  29. **xgxggxgxgxffsfsfffsgx******
  30. ***xgggxxggxffsffffssfss******     <—
  31. ***xxgggxxxxsssfssssnnff******
  32. ***gxggxxsssffffxxxnnnfx*****     <—
  33. **xgxgggffxfffsxggnqrgss****
  34. **ggxgxxxfffffxggnrnnfx****     <—
  35. *xgxxxsssffsssgggnqqgg****
  36. *xgggffffssffxggnnrgss***     <—
  37. *xggxxxfsfffsggggggsg***
  38. *xggssssffffxnngsssss**     <—
  39. *xggxffffsfsnnggxxxx**
  40. *xxxffffsfsnrnsxggg**     <—
  41. ***ffsssffnqqgxgggx*
  42. ***xxffffsnnrsgggx*     <—
  43. ***fffffsnrqgxggx*
  44. ***fxsssfnngsggx*     <—
  45. ****sxggfggsxgx*
  46. ***fsxxsffssgx*     <—
  47. ******xfsggxx*
  48. ******sxxss**     <—
  49. *******s****
  50. ***********     <—
  51. **********
  52. *********     <—
  53. ********
  54. *******     <—
  55. ******
  56. *****     <—
  57. ****
  58. ***     <—
  59. **
  60. *     <—


***Feel free to share the link to this post or the watermarked photos. Do not copy or post any part of this post anywhere else in part or whole.   Please remember that Dr. Seuss characters are  copyright protected and you may not sell them. No mass productions or farming out labor. ***